[Pathways] The New ISFP

The New ISFP


Today, I have some important items of news regarding the ISFP.

The first you may have already heard about: Life Membership of the ISFP is free and will remain so for the foreseeable future. You can join by following the link at https://askaphilosopher.org or the link at https://www.geoffreyklempner.net. At the moment we are using two different setups for processing forms but the questions are exactly the same. It doesn't matter which one you use.

The second piece of news is that we have a new, permanent web address at http://isfp.sdf.org. SDF is a public access UNIX host founded in the USA back in 1987. It is one of the few places on the Internet where anyone can have access to the powerful tools of a UNIX server through the command line.

'SDF' are adjacent letters on a computer keyboard, and is also short for 'Super-Dimensional Fortress Macross', a Japanese anime series from 1982 which was later made into a video game.

We are a fortress, in a way, a place of refuge for Independent philosophers around the world. Our principles of inclusion and dialogue ensure that no genuine lover of wisdom is stranded without support.

I have decided to let the old address http://isfp.co.uk expire primarily because we are not a 'company' and we are not based in the UK. Until the renewal date for the co.uk domain, http://isfp.co.uk will continue to forward to http://isfp.sdf.org, as will the temporary address http://klempner.freeshell.org/society/.

The third news item is that we have three new Officers joining Sanja Ivic, Editor of ISFP Publishing:

Martin Jenkins is now responsible for our membership database and receiving submissions for the Associate and Fellowship Awards. He is Secretary of the ISFP. Email martinllowarch.jenkins@virgin.net.

Eric George, the other Admin for this page who set up the GK Public Figure page back in 2012, is the new ISFP Publicity Manager. Email ps.egeorge@gmail.com.

Lev Lafayette is our new University Outreach Officer. Amongst other activities, Lev is President of the Committee of The Isocracy Network (isocracy org). Email lev.lafayette@isocracy.org.

Eric is from New Zealand, while Lev (coincidentally) is based in Oz, although he hails from NZ. Martin is based in the UK.

Last but not least, the remit of ISFP Publishing has changed. Previously the books on our List were only available on request. From now onwards, we will be making the books we publish available for free download, with no strings (no promises of a 'review'). If you are an author and you want to share your work and are not looking for a commercial publisher then send your manuscript to our Editor Sanja Ivic.

Note that we are only interested in high quality material. The difference between the ISFP and other publishers is that we are entirely non-profit, so the question whether or not your book 'will sell' does not arise. But it has to be good.

You can reach Sanja Ivic at aurora1@yubc.net.

– That's all for today. If you have any comments or ideas for ways in which we can grow or improve, email me at klempner@fastmail.net.

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