[Pathways] New book by Geoffrey Klempner

I am pleased to announce the publication of the Kindle version of my new book 'I Might Not Have Existed But Someone Exactly Like Me Might Have Existed In My Place: the idiotic conundrum'. A paperback version will be following soon.

Here is the Amazon.com page for my book:


(The cover design is intentionally provocative.)

From the description:

"This book represents the product of a year's work on a single Question (note the capital letter), which I call the 'idiotic conundrum'. It falls into two Parts, plus an Appendix.

"Part I consists of writing done over July and August 2019. I didn't know then, or hadn't planned that this would turn into a book. I was simply pursuing an investigation, and in each writing session something came to light that I hadn't considered before. I stopped when I ran out of new ideas.

"Part II consists of writing done during May 2020. A new lead had emerged, and I pursued it as far as I could. It ends with a discovery that has forced me to reassess all the work I have done to date.

"In the Appendix, I have placed transcripts of my three recent YouTube videos, which deal with the same Question. These were done in September and December 2019 and February 2020, in between the two pieces of writing."

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[Pathways] 'Metaphyscal Vision' by D. R. Khashaba


Collection of essays presenting my final philosophical statement in the form of a personal metaphysical vision.

Download pdf:


D. R. Khashaba

[Pathways] Public lecture by Zoom: Jane Heal, 11 May

Public lecture by Zoom: Jane Heal

You are cordially invited to join the University of Manchester Philosophy Department for this year's Dorothy Emmet Lecture, coming to you via Zoom.

When: Monday 11 May, 5pm-6.15pm (45 mins talk, 30 mins Q&A)
Speaker: Jane Heal (Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, University of Cambridge)
Title: On Underestimating "Us"

"Human beings are social animals. A solitary life would be horrible for most of us. What makes life worthwhile is being with others and engaging in shared projects with them. To do justice to these facts, philosophers (and economists and other social scientists) need to pay more attention to the first person plural, we/us, and to rethink their accounts of decision making and of value and virtue."

Being a public lecture it should be accessible to all — so if you have any non-philosophy friends who might like to come, or other channels to advertise it on, please do; we can accommodate up to 500 people and would love to have a big audience.

To register, go to:

Or if you want to know a little bit more about it first (or post a link on social media):

With best wishes,

Helen Beebee | Samuel Hall Professor of Philosophy | Department of Philosophy | School of Social Sciences | Humanities Bridgeford Street | University of Manchester | Manchester | M13 9PL
helen.beebee@manchester.ac.uk | https://www.manchester.ac.uk/philosophy

DR Geoffrey Klempner.

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