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Since 1995 when Pathways was first launched, hundreds of students have followed the six Pathways to Philosophy programs.

In 2019 I took the decision to make the six Pathways available as stand-alone books for students who didn't need external support:

- The Possible World Machine
- Searching for the Soul
- The First Philosophers
- Language and the World
- Reason, Values and Conduct
- The Ultimate Nature of Things

The text of each stand-alone book is identical to that of the fifteen unit program, including the five sets of essay questions.

Sadly, to date, only two reviews of the Pathways programs have appeared on amazon.com and amazon.co.uk. If you enjoyed reading these why not write a review?

Many customers don't realize that you don't need to have purchased a book on Amazon in order to be able to write a review. All you need is to have an account with Amazon that you are actively using.

A review can be as long as an essay, or just one or two lines. It is normal to give five stars unless you feel that the book falls short of your expectations in some way. That's how these things are interpreted.

The same applies to my eight (or nine) books:

- The Metaphysics of Meaning (2016)
- Naive Metaphysics: a theory of subjective and objective worlds (2016)
- Ethical Dilemmas: a primer for decision makers (2016)
- Philosophizer (2016)
- Philosophy Q and A (2017)
- Philosophizer (Black Edition) (2017)
- Philosophizer's Bible (2019)
- I Might Not Have Existed But Someone Exactly Like Me
Might Have Existed In My Place: the idiotic conundrum (2020)
- A Better Ray Gun and Other Tales: twenty sci-fi
stories with a philosophical twist (2020)

If you go to https://philosophypathways.com/#books you will find links that you can click that will open a page on Amazon where you can write a review of one or more of my books.

If you go to https://philosophypathways.com/programs/pak1.html you will find links that you can click for the six stand-alone Pathways to Philosophy.

I have given links for Amazon US and Amazon UK. If you have an account on a different Amazon just change the URL (to amazon.de, amazon.com.au, amazon.fr or etc.)

I would appreciate it if you would consider writing a review.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

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Geoffrey Klempner

16th June 2020


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