[Pathways] Public lecture by Zoom: Jane Heal, 11 May

Public lecture by Zoom: Jane Heal

You are cordially invited to join the University of Manchester Philosophy Department for this year's Dorothy Emmet Lecture, coming to you via Zoom.

When: Monday 11 May, 5pm-6.15pm (45 mins talk, 30 mins Q&A)
Speaker: Jane Heal (Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, University of Cambridge)
Title: On Underestimating "Us"

"Human beings are social animals. A solitary life would be horrible for most of us. What makes life worthwhile is being with others and engaging in shared projects with them. To do justice to these facts, philosophers (and economists and other social scientists) need to pay more attention to the first person plural, we/us, and to rethink their accounts of decision making and of value and virtue."

Being a public lecture it should be accessible to all — so if you have any non-philosophy friends who might like to come, or other channels to advertise it on, please do; we can accommodate up to 500 people and would love to have a big audience.

To register, go to:

Or if you want to know a little bit more about it first (or post a link on social media):

With best wishes,

Helen Beebee | Samuel Hall Professor of Philosophy | Department of Philosophy | School of Social Sciences | Humanities Bridgeford Street | University of Manchester | Manchester | M13 9PL
helen.beebee@manchester.ac.uk | https://www.manchester.ac.uk/philosophy

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