[Pathways] Georges Kassabgi 'What Gave You That Idea? Rediscovering the Development of Our Worldviews'

What Gave You That Idea?
Rediscovering the Development of Our Worldviews

The first essay was completed in 2012; I  then organized discussions with readers and other interested parties (private and academic settings) which in turn allowed me to write a directly related "Postscripts" by mid-2018. 

In other words, these two documents represent the outcome of a twenty-year long studying/writing project as an independent scholar.



My guiding philosophy (as in "love-of-wisdom" as ancient Greek minds would say) highlights are, inter alia --

-- no human knows everything and as a consequence we use assumptions and/or a selected hypothesis

-- diversity is part of Nature but our world is one (though both material and nonmaterial properties co-exist within)

-- each worldview has value...up to a point

-- at the start of a discussion, let's emphasize that no thing is simple

-- with my essay, I introduce a new hypothesis and present the outline of a multidisciplinary study project

Georges Kassabji

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